werner schuster

Born on 27 Oct. 1957 in Vienna, W. Schuster attended Grammar School in Neunkirchen, NÖ. for four years, then the musical branch at the BORG in Wr. Neustadt for another four years.
Having graduated, he enrolled at the Medical University Vienna, where he received his practising Certificate on 23 Dec.1983. Having specialised in radiology in Neunkirchen and Vienna, he opened up his own practice in Neunkirchen in April 1993. After two years he also began to conduct CT scans in his practice. He has given lectures and made medical publications within Austria and also internationally.
W. Schuster has been a photographer since the age of seven. X-art since 2004.

Member of the Ärztekunstverein of Austria and the Wr. Neustadter Künstlervereinigung
2009 Opening of the Fotogalerie Feuerbachl in Neunkirchen NÖ
2010 Admission to the Künstlerhaus-Verein in Vienna
2012 1. Book "X RAY Art-Photography"
2013 Admission to Initiative Fluss